Four years I’ve lived in Queensland, and I’d never been to ANY of the theme parks…
So I picked the perfect time to go, on Sci-Fi night, as part of the Supanova 07 celebrations. OMFG We had so much fun! (As you can clearly see from the photos… *newly posted under “pages” —>*)

Saturday evening after Supanova, my friends Jason, Adam, Jamie and me drove down to Warner Brother’s Movie World on the Gold Coast (thanks Ben!) and got totally lost along the way… but it was alright because the night totally kicked ass anyway, and turned out to be the most fun that I’ve had in years.

I also ran into Narelle, who I only met briefly at last year’s Supanova (She’s an awesome costuming fanatic- check out her “Threadworx” costume design biz- her link is around here somewhere). We sat next to each other on the Superman ride after her ride-buddy had to leave suddenly, and we have been buddies ever since.

Aparently the night was soooo hugely successful that it shall be repeated each year henceforth. Hoorayness! 🙂


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