1. Because even after I jumped through all their hoops, filled out their forms and went to the interviews, they stuffed up majorly and didn’t pay me, so I had to get an emergency food voucher from the student guild so I could eat… ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!
  2. Because I recieved three letters from them on the same day… The first one said that my Austudy claim had been granted, the second letter said that it had been cancelled because I hadn’t filled out some form, and the third letter contained the form. (This has happened several times).
  3. Because they have taken so long to process my claim that I had to go and stay with my mum for two weeks because I had no money or food.
  4. Because every year that I’m a university student, giving up and becoming a stripper becomes more and more an attractive prospect.

“Become a full-time uni student today!!!”


(Future leaders of tomorrow… YESS!!!
Let’s starve them to death or force them to become strippers!
Nice one Australian government…
you’re gonna have a really talented workforce real soon ;p)