YAY! It’s the printed version of the awesome documentary film “The Secret” (almost word for word with pretty pictures). It’s so pweeety and shiny. It’s normally $40 but I got it ON SALE for $16 at Border’s Books in Brisbane. Specials yeah! So if you have been wanting to get it, now is a good time πŸ˜‰

Hey, let’s pretend that this is a bookclub and read it together! Then we can have discussions about it by commenting to this post πŸ˜‰

(If you haven’t already seen the documentary film I highly recommend it!)

Link: Border’s Australia

Fun Activity:
I’m going to open “The Secret” at a random page and share whichever quote with you that’s infront of me. Ready? Let the game begin!

“Thoughts become things!”
-Mike Dooley

“The predominant thought or the mental attitude is the magnet,
and the law is that like attracts like,
consequently, the mental attitude will invariably
attract such conditions as correspond to its nature”

– Charles Haanel (1866-1949).

“Here’s the problem. Most people are thinking about what
they don’t want, and they’re wondering
why it shows up over and over again.”

– John Assaraf

“The law of attraction is always working,
whether you believe it or understand it or not”

– Bob Proctor

“Creation is always happening.
Every time an individual has a thought, or a
prolonged chronic way of thinking, they’re in the creation process.
Something is going to manifest out of those thoughts”

– Michael Bernard Beckwith