I love good food. I really love good food. I presently can’t cook much, but boy do I love to eat! (Ask my friends- my stomach is a bottomless pit aparently).

This diet thing is quite a challenge- not because of a lack of delicious gluten and dairy free recipes out there, but because I have to cook them myself (see above re. me and cooking). Everytime I go out with friends I end up breaking my diet. There have got to be suitable places I can eat at around Brisbane, but I don’t yet know where they are. And my kitchen isn’t exactly well stocked at the moment (in fact technically I don’t even have a kitchen).

So making the most of my present situation is challenging. I must say thank god for my best friend Adam though. If he wasn’t with me the other night I would have totally given in and bought pizza or nachos (mmmmm! *drool*). But despite my pathetic whining he helped me to stick to the plan, and in the process I discovered a new delicious gluten free recipe which I intend to make a lot more because it was so damn GOOD. (I’ll share the recipe here later).

I am also finally over my coffee cravings, and now I actually enjoy drinking my “fake coffee” (Dandelion root tea). Although I must admit that I snuck in a small Gloria Jeans mocha caramelatte with toffee the other day while visiting Renee. It had toffeee and choooocolaate in it *grin*. This could take me a while…