I really don’t know why people continue to watch the evening news and read newspapers. Do they know how biased it is? I did a course on media literacy at TAFE a few years back and it was one of the most insightful, eye-opening courses I’ve ever taken.

Do you ever question what you see and read on the news? What about those investigative shows like “Today Tonight”? They have such shocking stories, which often make us question our faith in humanity… did you ever pause to wonder if they show both sides to the story in a truly balanced way? There are always two sides to every story.

“News” networks and many journalists out there are brilliant at twisting events to make them seem more sensationalist. It’s all about entertainment and ratings darling. Bad news sells. What shocks, ROCKS.

I recently saw a report on the American ABC’s TV show 20/20. From first glance it appeared to be legit and it brought up all sort of negative emotions in me. Then I got with it and realised that only morons blindly believe what they read on the internet and watch on television. I decided to do some more research, and I uncovered the FULL INTERVIEW with this particular person. After viewing the whole story, I not only realised that this person was completely legitimate, but I was disgusted at how the final news story had been EDITED to portray him in a negative light, in order to suit the bias of the story. They completely ignored most of what the poor guy being interviewed said. If they had done further research they would have seen that the facts he cited to back him up were legit (I guess they thought that would be boring and so they wouldn’t have a story!). Yes, I do love a bit of research!

Seriously, when even the best recognised “news” sources put such a biased slant on stuff, why even bother to watch it? Try switching off the TV and think for yourself for one hour a day, and see what happens ;p

I promise that anything truly newsworthy will reach you by means of word of mouth and you won’t miss a thing!