A few months ago I went to visit my mum in Ballina, and had the added bonus of catching up with my little cousins from Sydney.

I educated them about the “real” (classic) Ninja Turtles (thanks Youtube) after watching the horrifying new version on TV. They have no eyes dude- how freaky!

After that I educated them about classic shows like “Monkey Magick”. By this stage they were really loving Youtube – especially the jokes we found about Buddha farting (farting, I have discovered, is a popular topic with kids these days).

For the next few hours we were entertained by a variety of videos discovered after typing the word “poop” into the search box. The highlight there was definitely the elephant who ate its own faeces. Classic comedy- I mean how can you go possibly wrong with that?

Other highlights of the trip included:

A visit to the Macadamia Castle…

  • Mini-golf
  • Buying pink sparkly bags and pirate flags in the gift shop
  • Petting bunny rabbits
  • Playing hide-and-seek in the playground and me getting stuck in the children’s cubby house (they just don’t make em my size)
  • The coolest tree house ever (I want one!)
  • Petting a cockatoo despite the sign saying not to
  • Catching baby chickens and petting them because they were so damn cute… then getting scratched as they tried to get away…

Tenpin Bowling…

  • My 5 year old cousin (first time bowling) beat us all!
  • I realised it’s harder than the Nintendo Wii bowling game

Four words:

  • Home-cooked (or is that 2 words?)
  • Lemon
  • Meringue
  • Pie

Ballina Tenpin Bowling Ballina Tenpin Bowling Ballina Cockatoo which I petted despite the warnings and my fingers are still intact. Me Mini golf Mini golfMe playing in the childrens’ cubby house… Slippery Sliding Me stuck in the children’s cubby house… Practicing for Hawaii My mum @ the bowling alley 3 cousins in an awesome treehouse Vic’s birthday cake (with Aiden cheering in the background) Swinging Swinging with Victoria