Yes, we all know that I was a movie extra in “Moulin Rouge”, much to the delight of my new housemate Narelle who is planning a Moulin Rouge shadowcast performance in Brisbane next year. She is also an amazing costumer. Look what she made from scratch by hand… apparently it’s the closest reproduction in existence to Nicole Kidman’s headdress from the movie. (The chain is hanging slightly lower here because it was designed to sit atop a wig).

Narelle is an amazing costumer. If you see something you like in a movie or TV show or even a painting, she will draft out the patterns from scratch and have the outfit delivered to you within the week (depending on how much you are paying her and how busy she is).

Her company name is “Threadworx”. Her spiffy new website (which I am totally going to make for her) will be coming soon!

Moulin Rouge headdressMoulin Rouge headdress