Lately I have been reconnecting… to magick… and to myself.

Why is it, whenever I am sick, is when I most actively endeavor to reconnect with magick, and the Divinity within? Is it because normally I am too busy (a mere excuse!) and too wrapped up in life and being a university student to stay grounded? In the midst of chaos, it is all too easy to become uncentred, to fall out of the “flow” until- oh crap- I’ve disconnected again and attracted an ailment to remind me of where I’m supposed to be. Thankyoouuuu! I get the message…

My recovery this time around has involved a lot of de-stressing, a lot of inner-reflection, and a lot of creative visualisation. I have even taken the time out from uni to reconnect with my wiccan studies through Witchschool. (I’m a lifetime member. I find the structured lessons very helpful against my general unstructuredness (-made up word of the day!)

Here is a sneak peek into some of the things I have written in my witchy diary (Book of Light & Shadows) recently…

Magick is… entwining with the Divine.

I stand at the threshold between the world of magick and the world of the mundane.

To connect with magick is to come face to face with the
Creator; to stare infinite possibilities straight in the eye.