Hey! Let’s Play… Analyse that wacky Dream! ;p

I have been having weird dreams lately (so, what’s new?) A few nights ago I dreamt that I was at some youth-group-type event (as in a church youth group- not the band) and someone- I think it was my sister- pointed out these two really hot guys and said something like “damn, it’s a pity we didn’t see them earlier, we could have had chaperons!” (I think she meant as in dates). Now these guys were pretty hot, and I found myself quite attracted to them (and no, they were no one in particular, just random, hot dream guys). However, instead of going “whoa, I totally agree with you”, as one would expect, I found myself saying coldly “I hate men”. Then I woke up!

So, here I was awake early on a Sunday morning, wondering what ever prompted my subconscious to say that. Do I really hate men?

I mean sure, there was the time I dated that Sunday-school teacher, who repeatedly lied to me, conned me out of my savings so I had to get food vouchers from the uni student guild to eat, and took off with half my DVD collection, but I have had some good experiences with men too! Haven’t I? Oh god…