I love YouTube!

Tonight I had a flash-back-o-rama to the 80’s when I discovered the opening theme to one of my favourite TV shows, Secret Valley. Does anyone remember it? They always had so much fun on that show (do kids these days still have food fights or does that only happen virtually on Facebook now?

It was filmed in the Blue Mountains where I grew up. That view of the mountains in the opening credits was once the view from my bedroom! When I was a kid my grandma would take me bush-walking out along narrow-neck road, and I would look out for either the Secret Valley or my other favourite show at the time, The Mysterious Cities of Gold. I have been fascinated with learning about ancient civilisations ever since. Remember the flying Golden Condor!?! I wanted one!


Then there’s You Can’t Do That On Television! where anyone who said “I don’t know” would get instantly dumped with green slime. Whatever happened to slime on TV? Was it killed off by the public liability fiasco? Or are people just no fun anymore?

…Barf burgers! classic!

Stay tuned for more funness girls and boys!