I have a confession. I played in the park every night this week. And I love it! I have recently discovered that my suburb is blessed with several fine parks. We’ve got swings, slippery-dips, see-saws, merry-go-rounds, flying foxes, funky climbing things, spinning-around-things that you sit on, and even space-age musical instruments which light up like something out of Close Encounters when you “play” them. Seriously, why don’t more adults play in the park? Why should kids get to have all the fun? These past few nights have been really beautiful. The moon is luminous, the grass is soft, the ring-tailed possums are playing nearby, and my friend and I have discovered the joys of eating dinner under the stars. It beats watching television! Does anyone get out at night anymore? (when it doesn’t include drinking or partying) or is everybody else these days too addicted to the box or the internet?

We also found a late-night ice cream parlor down the road from where I live. Midnight ice cream attack! Awesome!

Don’t be afraid to step outside sometimes, to get out of your comfort zones and LOOK UP toward the stars. Dudes, there are like whole other worlds out there. Ponder them occasionally!

P.S. Tomorrow I trial my new job. I’m excited, because it looks really fun! I’ll let you know how it goes 😉