Well, I’ve successfully managed to go a whole week without video-documenting something. Hooray! (My friends convinced me to stay away from video blogging while recovering from dental surgery this time).

But what will I distract myself with if I’m not making documentary videos about random stuff?

…Feel the addictiveness.

It kind of shits me that Superwall has become yet another avenue to spread meaningless forwarded drivel/ aka spam rather than being an avenue for conversation and relationship building [over the internet] which I suspect it was originally intended to be (…or something like that).

Tonight’s my favourite marketing lecturer’s birthday, and that got me thinking about all the cool stuff she taught us about Integrated Marketing Communication, and how marketing has to change from the obsolete methods of yesteryear; Niche marketing vs. mass marketing; 1 on 1 relationship building rather than blanket advertising which treats everyone like a faceless clone. They have no choice if they want to sell stuff now. Generation-Y public caught onto what they were doing before, and are naturally suspicious of mass advertising (or of anyone who assumes they understand their individual needs and wants when clearly they don’t).

Anyway, I was thinking that all the forwarded chain letters on Facebook are kinda like the mass marketing of yesteryear which everyone hates so much (kinda like it but not). It’s the whole “lets send a bunch of stuff out to hundreds of random people to make it look like we care about them as a person, but really we don’t give an arse, as long as they see it comes from us and hence they think of us-albeit briefly- so as to increase our brand awareness”. Am I right??

P.S. Just to be crazy/ random, here’s me with a sparkly pink butterfly and a boat I’m thinking of buying…