NYE was awesome for me because…

  • While it rained back home in Brisbane, and fireworks were canceled along the Gold Coast due to freakish weather, I was living it up in beautiful Sydney!
  • Darling Harbour! Getting back here was fantastic, and not only because we had the best spot (right on the water) for the NYE fireworks. I used to work and live here many years ago. I have lots of awesome memories here so it was great to be back.

  • I hung out with my friend Linda, who is one of my longest-standing friends but who I rarely see in person.
  • I also hung out with my little sis, who I also rarely see since we live in different states. Even though she resembles a model I still love her!
  • Free entertainment in Darling Harbour- and we got the best seat in the house. This was especially awesome for…
  • “Bjorn Again”- Best ABBA cover band in the world! (Don’t laugh, they totally rocked… especially when they did Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer”, which I admit was strange seeing someone wailing like Bon Jovi, but dressed in an “ABBA” costume).
  • Hot naked guys on rooftops (alas the only perving was done from afar… sorry no photos).
  • Hot policemen strutting around, keepin’ the peace (Had photos but thought I shouldn’t post them).
  • Hot men around Darling Harbour… all of whom were with their girlfriends sadly.
  • I actually got a seat on the train. (Naaah I didn’t bother photographing that).
  • I spent the next day recovering here, at my Dad’s North Sydney resort… I love my Dad’s pool!

So, even though I didn’t meet a Prince from Denmark (In 2000 I was outside the place where Mary and that guy met, but I totally missed out!) Funness was still had by all.

P.S. Eat your heart out Brisbane!