(The following is one of my journal entries at the New Order Business School. As part of my scholarship, I agreed to keep a success journal of my progress through the course for all to see!)

Upon reconnecting with my business visualization from Lesson 1…

WHY is it important to me that I achieve this?

Because I am connected with my passions, and every day that I go to “work” I feel that I am fulfilling my life mission and exercising my Divine Right of Creation.

How will I FEEL when I make this real?

Content, fulfilled, peaceful & grounded, uplifted, joyous, inspired, excited, grateful, abundant, healthy, balanced, blissful and filled with awe.

Why am I committed to do so?

  • Because my life demands that I live on purpose (inspiring others to live magickal joy-filled lives).
  • Whenever I do this I feel blissful, serene, awe-inspired, and connected to my source.
  • Whenever I don’t do this I feel bad, like I’m wasting my time at worst, and at best ’spinning my wheels’ while procrastinating, waiting, and dreaming of when I’ll “someday” have the guts and determination to live my life on purpose.
  • In short- doing this feels like Bliss, and not doing it feels like crap!


Why have I created my entrepreneurial dream?

All of my experiences in life so far have taught me that having an average J.O.B. while working for others (and letting their dreams and goals dictate what I do day in, day out) is NOT conducive to making me feel fulfilled or living my life on purpose, which is very important to me.

The only exception to this was when, for a short time a few years ago, I occasionally helped out Leela (CEO of Metier Media) in the Office of ‘Spheres: The Spirit Guide’ magazine. While working here:

  • I was Inspired and Inspiring.
  • Surrounded by my favorite spiritual books (which the magazine was selling)
  • My job involved Writing, which is one of my major passions.
  • I got to work alongside some of the best and well-known mentors in the industry.
  • I had the opportunity to contact and work with some of my favorite, best-selling authors and spiritual teachers from around the world.
  • I even got to have a creative say in the development of their new “SpellCraft” magazine.
  • Most importantly, not only was I doing work that I enjoyed, but I felt the bliss that comes from sharing my talents and Inspiring others.
  • When readers of “Spheres” began sending me letters, I was given my own, regular column in the magazine, and soon after, I became contributing author for the “Spheres Angel Wishing Kit”.

My entrepreneurial dream involves directly working with my favorite “magick books” (as I like to call them), books, CD’s, and DVD’s by the best spiritual authors, as well as creating my own online publication, all while I write my own Book. I currently believe that the business in this vision is the perfect platform for me to Live my Bliss, Inspire others, and help to improve countless lives (including my own) while I’m at it.

So that’s why! 🙂