(Reading by myself, for myself, using the
“Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards” by my teacher Doreen Virtue)

“Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue Ph.D

  • 3 Card Spread
    • “Pregnancy”
    • “Practice, Practice, Practice”
    • “Perfect Timing”
  • I was pondering: my whole stressful situation recently with my desire to make positive career and life changes (but feeling trapped by my job and lack of money, which, combined with all my stressing, and the big life change of moving house recently, has left me feeling unbalanced and temporarily depressed).
  • What to do about it/ The Answer: Do a bit and practice everyday so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. Make positive changes one step at a time, day by day in the direction of my dreams.
  • Where I’m headed if I follow the guidance of the 2nd card: My dreams will come true in Perfect Timing (I was a little fuzzy on this one at first).

Then, when I asked for additional guidance about this reading I got:

“Fairy Kisses” (Artwork featured on the “Summer” oracle card)

  • “Summer” (“Everything that you’re asking for becomes yours in the Summertime…”) “You’ve drawn this card because you wonder when your desires will manifest. This card represents the reassurance that your wishes have been heard, and divine timing is clearing the way for your answered prayers to come to you at the perfect time. In this case, you’ll fully realise your dreams in the Summer”
  • (Additional Notes: While randomly shuffling, the “Son” card popped up a couple of times, but its meaning perplexed me, so I ignored it. I was a bit concerned that it showed up in the same reading as the pregnancy card though!)