I walked out of my job today, because I felt sick. (I’ve also been feeling very stressed of late).

I came home and did some Japa meditation, or “Getting in the Gap” as Dr. Wayne Dyer would call it.

I meditated on some of the different names of the Goddess, as part of the invocation made many years ago with my (ex) coven sisters, as we chanted in unison and danced around the sacred circle, raising energy. “Isis…Astarte…Diana…Hecate…Demeter…Kali…Inanna…”

On this day I particularly identified with Kali, which is hardly surprising considering the recent circumstances of my life, and my recent longing to leave my current job and replace it with something much better, much more “me”, much more on the path of my sacred mission.

Anyhow, “Kali is the goddess of the endings of cycles, the death and transformation energy that lets go of the old and brings in the new” (-Doreen Virtue, PhD. in Archangels & Ascended Masters). And she is exactly who I needed to speak with today.

After invoking her I felt the immediate urge to do an impromptu releasing ceremony (-something which I haven’t done in a while, and which I usually used to perform on a full moon. But desperate times…)

I won’t tell you exactly what the spell was (or I’d weaken it) but it involved writing that which I wished to release and transform on a piece of paper, which I then set alight inside my cauldron (well it’s a metal cooking pot actually, but it does the trick) before scattering the ashes away as I released that which I no longer need.

It’s a very cathartic process. I highly recommend it 🙂 Now we wait and see what happens…

Oh- I also used the Archangel Oracle Cards and asked the Archangels and Ascended Masters to remind me of my life’s purpose, and lo and behold my old friend the “Creative Writing” card is the first one that shows up. (Yeesss, I knoooow already!…oh yeah).

P.S. The angels also told me to write all of this down so here it is. Have a magickal day! 🙂