I received a nice surprise at my Monday morning uni lecture this week- free cans of Red Bull! When our lecturer informed us of the free drinks beneath our chairs I assumed he was joking. What a lovely way to start the week; Interesting marketing tactic too. At the start of class the lecturer read out the note which was left (courtesy of some marketing folks I’m guessing). It went something along the lines of “students in your lecture were falling asleep so here’s something that will help…”

Well, they obviously hadn’t seen Glen’s lectures. He’s one of the most un-boring and amusing uni lecturers I’ve had (beside the “sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll” lecturer from management class- who referred to hookers and wild holiday flings for business case studies).

Then, when we were all hyped up on Red Bull, and because it was a corporate writing & editing lecture, we analysed the note for grammatical and style errors.

P.S. Now I’m taking this class I feel I should go back through all my old posts and proofread them or something…