Now you all know what ‘sweded’ filmmaking is (-you don’t? See my last post!) it’s time to get down with some juicy behind the scenes goss on Brisbane SciFi’s Sweded X-Men film.

The film, which was based off the first X-Men movie, was lovingly directed and Edited by Monkiee, and stars an all-BSFF cast (my folks at Brisbane SciFi & Fantasy).

Storm prepares to whip Toad’s ass with some lightening

Sabretooth struck down by Storm’s lightening bolts

I was originally booked to play the character Storm, (despite being white), but with Nyssa unable to make it at the last minute, I also ended up playing Mystique. I got to be a few other random characters as well, including Magneto’s mum and Senator Kelly disguised as Mystique. All of these characters I played really badly. It was marvellous 🙂

My Sweded costume… was bad like my acting. Usually sweded ‘costumes’ are just whatever you can pull together from around the house, but the majority of the group had costumes leftover from Supanova, where they kicked major ass by winning the group cosplay competition as the X-Men.

(Unfortunately I didn’t end up making a costume for Supanova this year as I was too poor at the time *cries*). So for the film, I was starting from scratch (and still had no money!) For my ‘wig’ I bought a shaggy kids scarf from a $2 shop. That’s the only thing I bought. For my props, I used leftover Christmas tinsel as ‘lightening’. If ‘McGuyver’ were here he’d be proud.

You can watch the film (>>HERE<<)

The other guys probably have more exciting stories and photos to share, but this is my blog so ner.

Finally, here are some photos of me painted blue and wrapped in tinfoil!

Rogue is trapped inside Magneto's machine!

Magneto’s machine

Look! It's Mystique on the TV, disguised as Senator Kelly!

Holy shit! It’s Mystique disguised as Senator Kelly!


Storm VS. Sabretooth

Storm vs. Sabretooth: The CGI version