If you were in Brisbane or Sydney a few days ago, you’d be forgiven for feeling like you’d stumbled into an apocalyptic sci-fi film, when a big-ass dust storm cast an eerie glow across the landscape. Personally I felt like I was on Mars. Or in a zombie film. Or on that planet where Khan and his gang were exiled in Star Trek: 2.

I had to brave the dust to get to uni so I could do an oral presentation. I didn’t feel so good when I got there. Or when I got home for that matter.

On the way I saw a guy who had a dust mask AND was smoking a cigarette. Oh- so a little dust is bad for your health, but cancer-causing tar and carcinogens are okay? What a freak!

Ironically he may have been onto something though… I heard from a friend whose friend heard from their friend that the dust in the most recent dust storm originated from some uranium mines in South Australia or something? Charming.

Here’s a clip of my city a few days ago… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb_t17ck3iU&feature=related

…and here’s another awesome dust storm video which has been making the rounds on Facebook. It’s not of the recent storm, it’s actually from a few years back in outback NSW. It’s friggin’ impressive though!