Kitten in a Frog Hat

Kitten in a funny hat

Yeah, so I really need to get back in the habit of writing regularly, especially now that I’ll be undertaking a publishing internship at a magazine. I promise I’ll try to make it as entertaining as possible.

Look! A kitten in a funny hat…

Aah man that picture cracks me up everytime.

On a totally unrelated note, Facebook is still more of a blog for me than this place at the moment. (Twice-weekly micro-blogging FTW!)

Unfortunately I haven’t yet found a way to automatically save all my status updates here for future reference and posterity without using Twitter and linking it here. I stopped that for now because a) Twitter sux; and b) The Facebook app. I was using to link twitter into my Facebook status broke; c) I got tired of going into Twitter whenever I wanted to update my status; and d) Twitter status’s (would I call that stati? ;p) has a very limited word count, and I like to write.

I’ve been on so many grand adventures lately, I really need to start writing about them as they happen instead of letting them all build up then procrastinating. It’s a bit like doing the dishes. Sort of.

Today I…

  • Read Vogue magazine
  • Watched a really funny movie called “Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel” which co-starred the guy from “I.T. Crowd” (Funniest TV show)
  • Got back into my Rosicrucian studies
  • Did 3 days worth of dishes