I recently fulfilled a long-time goal of dancing Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, in public, while dressed as a zombie. Yup. Other people make goals about stuff they want to accomplish in their career, or about owning a boat, or whatever. I am more about rich experiences. Because ultimately; fun, rewarding experiences that help us grow as human beings are all we really have in this life, and our memories and the growth lessons from them are all we get to take with us into the next life. You can’t take your boat with you, but you can take the knowledge that you lived a fulfilling, worthwhile life and had a whole lotta fun doing it. (Note: I still want a boat… only so I can have more fun experiences with it!)

So yeah… dancing Thriller… I’ve wanted to learn the steps for years. I looove dancing, and I think this is one of the grooviest songs and video clips of all time. Plus, it looked like they had fun dancing to it in the movie Suddenly 30 (or, 13 Going on 30 for my American friends). A few years back, at my birthday party, some friends and I attempted the dance in the middle of my street at 2am. But we didn’t know the steps so it failed, and wasn’t as awesome as it could have been. That’s when I told myself I would learn it one day.

The following year I discovered this awesome wedding video, and promised myself that if I ever got married I’d definitely have the entire wedding party dance Thriller at the reception like these guys:

Last year some friends from dancing took part in “Thrill The World“, which is an annual worldwide synchronised effort to dance Michael Jackson’s Thriller, in order to raise money for charity while hopefully breaking world records. After watching my friends have all the fun I promised myself that I’d learn the dance and do it the following year. So this year rolled around, and none of my friends were doing it… so I did something quite brave and decided to do it anyway! (Despite having only 50 participants this year). This year the Brisbane group raised money for Camp Quality (helping kids with cancer to have more fun! …and good stuff like that). Here’s me, on Youtube, fulfilling a dream! (lol) We danced in the square across from Brisbane Casino, outside the library. GO US!


Now for the fun part…

If you’d like to learn the dance too, whether for a particular purpose, just for fun, or to fulfil a lifelong fantasy, I highly recommend the free training videos (which teach you step-by-step; and there are a lot of them!) at the Thrill The World website or Youtube channel.

Here are the first few videos to get you started…