Okay, so, once again I’ve had a crazy (yet interesting) couple of months, and I have quite  a bit to catch up on. I really do need to try harder to blog about this stuff as it’s happening, rather then a month or two after the fact. By then, I tend to forget all the subtle details, interesting anecdotes, and lessons learned, as they are replaced with new crazy experiences. And I really do need to keep a record of all this for when I write my memoirs someday (or, you know, go to write a motion picture screenplay based on my unusual life).

Recently I have:

  • Pondered the universe some more
  • Completed my first magazine cover shoot (with me as the model!)
  • Finished my magazine internship and wrote a feature article
  • Dressed up as a zombie fairy princess (as you do) and staggered with several thousand much scarier-looking zombies through the streets of Brisbane to help raise money for the Brain Foundation (and for fun)
  • Danced Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with a group of zombies outside Brisbane Casino to raise money for Camp Quality (and for fun), while wearing a pink tutu
  • Got into creative costume-making mode again and made my first tutu
  • um… a bunch of other stuff that I can no longer clearly remember