Todays random theory of the day is about brainwashing.

Years back when my family started in network marketing, they’d listen to personal development, leadership, and motivational tapes almost constantly. There was usually one playing in the background, while cooking dinner; during car trips; cleaning the house. Other people said it was a form of brainwashing. In a way it was.

Recently, I joined a church that encourages reading the bible and praying twice a day. Add to that 3 hours of church every Sunday, a youth study program on tuesdays, the occasional dance on Friday nights and other random assorted church activities during the week. It’s pretty hard core. Some members of my family kindly suggested it was another form of brainwashing. In a way it is.

I have some wonderful pagan friends who, caught up in the romantic idea of magick and mysticism, read countless books on witchcraft and the occult arts. They reguarly  associate with others who are like minded (as you do when you want to find friends with similar interests). But those outside the coven circle may say that their beloved family members are being brainwashed. In a way they are.

Some people leave the TV on in the background whenever they’re home, as if they’re afraid of silence, or unwilling to make any conscious decision about what is being unwittingly absorbed into their subconscious minds. They are definitely being brainwashed. (Think of all those advertisements, the mindless drivel of most soap operas, and unrealisticly “perfect” or unsavoury character models we unconsciously ingest through our entertainment sources, that gives us the wrong idea about what we should aspire to as human beings).

Every seemingly inconsequential thought and action is helping to program, and mould our minds in some form or another. It might not even be conscious. But that doesn’t make it any less brainwashing. Each of us is being “brainwashed” every single day without even realising it. But the trick, you see, is to be conscious about it, and choose how we want our lives to be, then to support our brains in making it happen. It’s all a part of conscious life creation.

As the imaginary sage-like archetype guy told BabyDoll in the movie SuckerPunch…

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”