Hi fellow travellers, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. I’ve been posting stuff daily on facebook (it’s more connected!) however I miss having an archive of previous posts that people can search. So I’m back -especially now that blogging technology has advanced, and Facebook and websites can now be connected better than they could before.

Also, I admit, I may have picked up a mild case of the ‘webdesigning bug’ again, since the design platform I use (‘Thesis‘ for WordPress) was completely redesigned and version 2.0 was released, making it easier than ever before to customise kick-ass websites minus the annoying coding that gives me headaches.

To be honest, I’ve only just recently started crawling out from under my rock again after another bout of depression. This is something it seems I’m prone to going through every few years or so, if I don’t manage stress correctly, and allow myself to ‘burn out’. So with fashion school- while I absolutely love it- it was a little more than I could handle full time, with my health issues. It is FULL ON for a healthy person. But for me- well I’ve decided that it’s much wiser for me to go part time from now on. And after a whole term of doing absolutely nothing (and being bored as batshit with cabin fever) I am well and truly ready to get back into life again -a little at a time so as not to completely overwhelm myself.

I’ve also moved house again (ever the gypsy I guess *grumble*) but the good news with this is that I now have all my stuff back out of storage, and I have an entire loungeroom area to use as a sewing & design studio. Costumes ahoy! It currently looks like a costume bomb has exploded in my living room…and that’s exactly the way I like it. Although, it would be nice to have a specially designated messy area where I can set myself aside to work like a mad creative scientist, while still being able to have house guests over. Maybe one day. For now, at least I have room to work again, which was one of my biggest gripes in the last townhouse I lived in. For a mad creative craftsperson like myself, room to work is kinda important. 🙂

Another thing… and this is important… I have a lot of stuff to say…a lot of interesting experiences that I have amassed while on this journey through life, and I have been emotionally blocked from sharing them properly for the last several years. I used to journal daily…pages and pages of ideas and wisdom, and flashes of channelled universal insight. I was in my element. Then something happened.. I’m not sure what, or how, but I became blocked. Certain health issues escalated, then I became depressed. Maybe the medication I was forced to take didn’t help my universal creative connectedness? Probably. But whatever. Point is, in this current juncture in earth’s history I can’t stay quiet anymore. I have too much to share… I came to Earth for a reason, and it wasn’t to sit around and hide from my real potential. Yeah it’s scary as shit to step out, yeah some people aren’t going to like it. But you know what? I’ve wasted more than enough precious time on those excuses. And I came here for a reason. So-  call me crazy; ignore me; slap me; lick me; you’d better get used to me because I’m crawling out from under my rock and am getting ready to take on the big scary world again. Strap yourselves in kiddos, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride!