Petal Pixie in Canberra, 200340 Years ago today, a magickal Pixie was born…

Her light, love, and creativity has inspired thousands of children and adults around the world, and she is one of my all time heroes, who I’m blessed to also call my friend. [Dear universe: I wish I could fly over to Western Australia for her birthday bash which, I’m pretty sure is going to be the fairy party to end all fairy parties hint hint]. Love you so much girl! xoxox

I was first blessed to meet Pixie in Sydney 2002, during Doreen Virtue’s very first (ever!) Angel Intuitiveä spiritual development course. We became ‘reading buddies’ (as in the kind that practices psychic & oracle card readings for one another). We were total rebels, chillin’ on the aisle steps of the auditorium instead of in our allotted seats. (Like badasses).

During lunch break one day (it was a three day intensive) a few of us students hung out at Darling Harbour, lunching it up beside the water. Pixie and I were engrossed in a fascinating conversation about something when I blinked or looked away for only a second, and noticed she had suddenly vanished!

It took me a few moments to realise that she was in the water… she’d jumped in to rescue a small child who was playing by the water’s edge close by and had fallen in. She was so quick that even the kid’s parents hadn’t yet noticed their child’s plight. While we helped them out of the water she commented, “that’s the fourth time this month that has happened”. Apparently being in the right place at the right time to save children had become a habit for her. Henceforth, she forever became known to us as “Super Pixie!”

I was in awe of how quickly she seemed to glide across the crowded convention centre hall in her pink slippers, almost as though she was moving on air. She was so quick, that even in the most crowded areas, if I blinked my eyes for only a second I would often open them to see that she was now somehow on the other side of the room. (She was also wearing fairy wings, which may have helped!)

We kept in touch after A.I. and a while later, guess who was coming to visit for the week… Hooray! Pixie party time! She arrived in Canberra with her pink & purple hair and Canberra was never the same again.

We had a weeklong slumber party at my good friend Matt’s house- which was perfect because his folks were overseas, there was plenty of spare room, and there was a big hot tub in the backyard 🙂

But this was no ordinary visit… we had a real live fairy staying with us! Over the course of our epic holiday we:

  • Lived in the spa, talking about metaphysics, magick, quantum science, the nature of reality, anime, and Harajuku Japanese fashion
  • Collected fallen branches from nature to build our own empowered, magickal witchy besoms/brooms
  • Gave each other angel oracle card readings in the spa
  • Made a magickal spell for world peace (and other stuff)
  • Drank (lots of) pink strawberry schnapps (in the spa)
  • Did I mention the spa that we rarely got out of?

One cold Canberra night (if you don’t know Canberra, that’s COLD…I was unfortunately living there at the time) we had a BBQ with some of my favourite boys. We all jumped into the spa to keep warm while engaging in fascinating conversations that lasted the entire night. We hopped out only to go to the bathroom and fetch drinks & snacks occasionally. That hot tub sure was getting a workout! As an idea of how cold it was that night, there was a bucket of water sitting beside the hot tub, and by 5am the next morning (when we eventually got out) it had frozen solid.

Another memorable experience was when Pixie accidentally dyed my friend’s parent’s bathtub pink… she liked to sit in the tub (mermaid style!) while journaling and painting fairy art. During this time she dunked her hair in the bathwater, which then proceeded to take on the tinge from her pink-dyed hair. I still giggle when I remember how we panicked and tried cleaning the bathtub out with every cleaning chemical and scrubber we could find in the house, all to no avail. I think poor Matthew had some explaining to do when his parents returned home. (Oops).

One of the things I love about Pixie is her passion for helping the environment (after all, fairies are the ‘angels’ of nature!) During her stay she donned her fairy wings one day and went into town to help plant trees with the local children. (I had to work that day-boo!) She returned with photos of her and a group of kids hugging trees and planting new ones. I love that she does cool stuff like that! It’s truly beautiful. We need more inspiring people in the world who are willing to do that sort of thing! (Especially in fairy wings! ;p)

Even though I haven’t been able to see her in person since then, (as we live on opposite sides of the country and I haven’t quite figured out the manifesting abundance thing yet) I will forever remember the time I spent an inspiring week with a real-life Pixie! We have been long-distance-pals ever since then of course, and have been on many adventures together in the astral plane.

She continues to be one of my greatest inspirations in life. I want to be as cool as her when I am 40!

Pixie is an amazing artist and magickal Lightworker, spreading love and joy wherever she goes. I love her and her wonderful cat Pikachu, and I hope to be able to see them again soon!

***HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIXIE!*** xoxoxoxox

(P.S. I will find and upload some more photos after I dig them out of storage xo)