Okay…well, it’s pretty early here in warm, sunny Brisbane Australia. I’ve got my deliciously naughty cup of coffee, I’m actually awake at a normal hour of day for once (barely), and I’m listening to the sweet whistling sounds of baby lorikeets outside my window.

Aaaaw, I totally wrote an introduction. My therapist would be so proud!

You see, I suffer from a retarded case of creative block, procrastination, and avoidance strategy around following my bliss and listening to my true self. -Not to mention depression, which makes it painfully difficult to get motivated most days to do anything other than sleep or waste time.

But lately I’ve been on a power-mission to slowly bring myself back into alignment more with ‘My Authentic Self’- the real me, the ‘perfect me’ that I just know is hiding in there under all the mountains of crap, fear, and low self-esteem.

This is the me who is deeply intuitive and spiritually connected, who is a creative artist, and who takes positive action toward creating something beautiful and inspiring every day. It’s the ‘me’ who’s tapped into her higher self, who is a powerful Lightworker, psychic, Witchy woman. It’s the ‘me’ who isn’t afraid to wear pink just because I like it, or a red dress and leopard print. Because I can. It’s the ‘me’ who loves to wear Docs and an old-skool ‘Emily the Strange’ T-Shirt (the original high quality ones- before the cheap mass produced crap came out). I want to dye my hair pink, because I’m a rebel like that. I love bright colours, I’m inspired by art and texture and beautiful things. I’m not afraid to march to the beat of my own drum, because the world generally sux/ is terribly boring, and my drum ROCKS.

So yeah, lately I’ve slowly been coming out of my shell and recovering from a bad long-term case of ‘trying to fit in with the world’ -which it turns out has been badly crippling to me and my self respect. I’ve been slowly uncovering my true authentic self! I realised lately thats what I’ve been doing. I figured I really should put in the extra effort now, just in case Dec-2012 really is the end of the world ‘n all. LOL. Geez, I have less than a month. How am I doing? ;p
Oh, here’s a picture that I found on Facebook this morning, which kinda makes my case in point.

Discover Your Own Path

Never be afraid to march to the beat of your own drum. This is a life lesson that has taken me most of my 32 years to learn! Yes, it can be surprisingly difficult. And the ‘weirder’ you are, the more problematic life seems. But that’s not your fault- you were simply not designed/ put on this crazy planet in order to fit in or follow the rest of the bunch. AND THAT’S A GOOD THING. Pretty soon, the transient nature of modern society is
going to shift, and life will be much easier after all the bullshit and fakeness melts away. You see, the process may be slow at times, and it’s challenging work, but the world is changing. And it’s because of weird/awesome people like you and me that it’s changing! Yep- earth needs more crazies like us, who aren’t afraid to STAND UP  for what is right and aren’t afraid to be different, in order to get some changes made around here! It’s how quiet revolutions are made. It’s people like us- with our awesomeness and uniqueness- who are changing the world for the better! It’s up to us- not the lemmings or the freaking Kardashians; or the politicians or the conservatives, or the CEO’s, or the ridiculously overpaid models or film & TV stars. So please STOP comparing yourself to others. You’re not meant to be like them! Why would you even want to be? We have enough of boring people like that! You were made to stand out, to be true to your authentic self, to CHANGE THE WORLD.

Okay…that coffee has well and truly kicked in now. Hopefully this has given you some inspiring food for thought.

I am going to screenprint some more lovehearts onto my Lolita/Harajuku inspired pink fairy skirt… then I shall wear it proudly…to the motherf***ing shops for all to see! 🙂