Welcome to the “Happy Holidays!” Edition of Spacefairy’s blog. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and/or season of being pressured into buying stuff. If you’re reading this, you presumably didn’t get crushed to death in the holiday sales. Well done! I hope you’re enjoying the new year so far 🙂

Pushing Tin…

I flew into Sydney on December 21st, and am happy to say I have now survived both Y2k and the end of the Mayan calendar (I’m getting some t-shirts printed if anybody wants one). I made sure I got a window seat and grabbed my camera just in case. Sadly, nothing happened.  Luckily for me though, airfares are a lot cheaper on days of rumoured apocalypses. It turns out it’s the best time to fly! Plus, what better way to celebrate a galactic alignment than by soaring high above the earth? It would have been amusing if during the flight someone yelled “U.F.O! The ancient Anunaki gods have returned!” But sadly that didn’t happen (boo) It was quite uneventful really.

Virgin airways, I have just one question- Why was beer and wine complementary but I had to pay through the teeth for a simple fruit juice? Seems a bit silly to me. Maybe it was because of the apocalypse thing and they were preparing to calm people down? Maybe apocalypses are easier to handle when drunk?

I also adore how airports have free wifi – decent wifi- not slow, sissy wifi that always drops out like at Macdonalds. Just as well too, considering my flight from Brisbane was cancelled and I had to wait several hours at the airport for another one, which was then delayed 40 minutes. -New iPad to the rescue! I love my new iPad! I recently discovered the joys of reading comic books on it (I have both the Dark Horse and ComicX apps). Most  of my time at the airport was spent chillin’ out, reading Tank Girl comics. Tank Girl stomps.

Lady of the Manor…

Right now, I’m actually writing this from a sofa in the historic Swifts Manor in Sydney- a privately owned castle on four acres of land in the middle of one of Sydney’s most exclusive suburbs, Darling Point. My Dad is the current manager and lives in his own wing here -sweet gig if you can get it- although he assures me it’s not as exciting as it sounds. I can sorta see his point- 42 rooms- I wouldn’t want to clean That! (I have trouble with just one) And those ancient heritage listed trees shed leaves all over the lawns constantly.

It’s extremely beautiful here though. For the past few days Ive been enjoying a quiet serenity which only comes from having 4 acres to yourself right in the heart of Sydney. The closest I could compare it to would be like having the Royal Botanical Gardens all to yourself- which even if you were a celebrity billionaire would probably never happen. So to say I feel truly blessed right now is an understatement.

I’ve always been the kind of weird girl who sits on the edge, slightly apart from the world, gazing back on it in awe and contemplation. It’s my thing that I do. So I really appreciate the space here..not because of how much it’s worth (-over $30 million and my mind boggles after that) or the ego trip you get when people see you walk through the front gate and wonder who on earth you are (one girl walking past peeked through in awe, then asked me if Tupac was secretly living here).

…And you know, somedays it’s so tough- trying to decide which giant front gate to enter and exit through… the huge one with the wrought iron bars and the antique gas lamps, or the huge green wooden one. First world problems of the rich.

Random reasons why I love visiting Swifts:

  • It’s filled with aesthetically pleasing, quiet spaces which are perfect for contemplating and dreaming up fantastic new creations and ideas
  • Grand old-style castle architecture -a welcome reprieve from the concrete jungle of ugly high rise apartments around the place (I am NOT an apartment person- i’d take land over a squished up $10 million dollar Sydney apartment anyday).
  • This place has an amazing history. The Victorian Gothic mansion was built in 1882. It was later bequeathed to the Catholic church during which time it became the Cardinal’s residence, and the Pope came to visit (go figure). It also had Australia’s first ever flushable toilet. (Wait- so does that mean I used the same toilet as the Pope?)
  • I find history fascinating, and this place is like a great big museum- lots of cool things around, each with it’s own interesting story to tell.
  • Being here reminds me that I’m meant for something special. (I just wish I could tell what that is?)
  • Energetically speaking, it’s helping to raise my prosperity consciousness, by entraining my frequencies around money and wealth, thus helping me to become more comfortable with the idea. (In other words, I could get used to this!)
  • It reminds me to have good table manners
  • I can easily imagine myself as a princess here. Sure- I may be a little underdressed right now in my old cutoff jeans and pink hair, but amidst the grandeur here its very easy to imagine myself swanning around its grand halls in a designer ballgown. Somebody please bring me my tiara!
  • The ancient heritage listed trees here are beautiful, and are home to many beautiful birds, critters, and probably fairies too (I’m a nature person)
  • The most important reason I like it here though, is that my Dad lives here. In the end I don’t really care where he lives, as long as I can spend time with him. (Considering I live in a different state and all). Getting to stay in a castle is just an added bonus 🙂

Now, as I’m chillaxin’ on the comfiest outdoor sofa I’ve ever sat on, with my Tarot cards and Star Trek comics beside me, I can’t help but ponder how amusing life is… Here I am, after another terrible year of health issues, and having to come to terms with the idea that I’ll probably be on a sickness pension for a while… But rather than worrying if I’ll have have enough money to eat next week like I often do, I now find myself temporarily staying in Australia’s most expensive private residence, complete with the largest privately owned ballroom in Australia (which Baz Luhrman visited when he was considering filming “The Great Gatsby” here). It has its own freaking orchestra pit for Christ’s sake! Life juxtaposition much?? I do love a good juxtaposition…

I’ll send some piccies of me at the castle with my pink hair, possibly posing weirdly with antique garden statues. And maybe from some of my other adventures too. I hope you all have a fabulous start to the new year, and you choose to make 2013 THE year when you make all your best dreams and wishes come true!

Signing off for now,
“Her exemplary Royal Highness, the Princess SpaceFairy, Lady Melinda of Maxfield” (-thankyou to my new buddy Luke Phoenix for the honorary title. I love it!)