It’s a scary thing when you haven’t logged onto your own website for so long that you forgot your own admin password. Hello password reset!

Well… I’ve been all over the place as usual but am finally getting better at it I think! Since my last update I have…

  • Moved house twice
  • Worked on costumes for Brisbane’s annual Rio Rhythmics Carnival street parade
  • Met an amazing person who is beautifully weird like me
  • Had my first overnight hospital visit and some minor(??!!) surgery (scaryness 🙁 )
  • Dyed my hair bright pink
  • Finished Cert.4 Level in Fashion Design and am about to start on my Diploma subjects
  • Saw some unexplained UFO’s and submitted my first UFO report to MUFON
  • Finally joined a UFO club
  • Joined a Gym (Life Level-Up +10!)
  • Grew a bit as a human being living on this crazy-ass world