I often get writer’s block -not because I have nothing to say (far from it!), but due to analysis paralysis from information overload and an inability to concentrate when there are a million things swimming around in my head every second.

As an example of this phenomena, take this fine blog here. Do you know how many times I’ve been struck with inspiration for a potentially brilliant blog post? A bunch! I would be an extremely prolific writer if it weren’t for my mind and procrastination getting in the way. Too many times, I’ve sat down to write, and my mind interrupts me with something like this…

“Oh hai there.. so you’re wanting to write about this cool thing that happened now? But what about all the other cool things that also happened recently that you didn’t write about? How can you write about this thing and not the other thing which was actually superior in coolness and interestingness? Shouldn’t you write about that first? And while you’re at it, that cool thing also links to this other really cool thing which you should also have written about but didn’t. I can’t believe you didn’t write about that while it was still current news! It’s too late now…or is it?…”

Meanwhile, my brain is calculating all the extra things I want to write about, one blog post becomes five, with 10 more potential spinoff ideas, a couple of novels, maybe a screenplay or two, and after a while my brain has become so bogged down and confused that it simply says “Screw you! I’m not gonna write ANYTHING again” -then I bury my head in the sand and happily go about my business until the next time I get an inner prompting to write something which I totally ignore. Then the cycle repeats.

I’m assuming that some sort of regular Centering or focusing meditation would probably help me, but I seem to have trouble concentrating and staying focused enough to do it. I’ve got a few books which are meant to help me but likewise, I can’t stay with them long enough to get through them.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve got A.D.D. or something, but heaps of people reassuringly tell me that I don’t. (But then maybe they’re just being nice, or don’t really understand the intricacies of my brain and how much it causes me to suffer). But what else am I to make of this when it often gets to the point of being totally debilitating? Although I’m full of great potential and I certainly have plenty of skill and intellect in various life areas, I am too bloody good at doing absolutely nothing -just because I can’t concentrate on one thing long enough to do anything without great difficulty. I feel like I’ve wasted so much of my life, and I know I have to change somehow, but Im not quite sure how to rewire my brain so that I can do that effectively.

I’d say “can anyone offer me any suggestions?” But in all honesty I’d probably just go “that’s interesting” then get distracted by something else before I had a chance to implement the suggestion. I somehow need help even despite myself. And that is easier said than done.

*UPDATE* -it appears that I over think things too much. Also, I am actively working to ground myself more, which appears to be working. Gotta balance out that air element sometimes! Doh!