An amazing thing has happened.. I have joined a gym. *pauses for applause*

I’ve never been interested in the whole gym culture (what the frak is a calorie?) as I’ve so far been blessed with a pretty good metabolism, and I’d rather just latin dance for hours on end or go hiking in the rainforest as my preferred form of exercise. However, if I am going to be wearing a catwoman suit in front of hundreds of people in November, I want to make damned sure that I’m making the best of it!

I have discovered something about gyms, and about myself during my recent new adventures. Firstly, I’m not as young and perfectly fit as I once was. I think I’ve actually reached that age where I need to actively work to maintain myself. Also, I’ve finally discovered that stronger muscles means I’m a better dancer, and better zouk-lambada-ing on the dance floor equals a happier me! I’m finding it way easier to pull off the fancier moves like cambres and table drops without feeling so awkwardly unco. And finally, working out is forcing me to be in my body more, which aint so scary. Feeling grounded is feeling good 🙂

In celebration of my newfound gymminess, I am gathering a playlist of best motivational workout music (and also the cheesiest, just for lols). Here is one of my old-skool favourites- TECHNOTRONIC! Aaaw yeah *dances*