I recently learned a very valuable lesson in energy transmutation, the Law of Attraction, and how our energy vibrations attract like-energy experiences into our lives. Actually, it’s more of a reminder of what I had already been taught, but had temporarily forgotten to practice for a bit.

Over the past several months I have been attracting new friends (and reconnecting with old ones) who have been monumental in helping to remind me about many of my self-imposed-significant-forgotten memories, natural teachings, and psychic awareness which I once practiced daily before I ran a bit scared, thus sticking my head in the sand while attempting (very unsuccessfully) to live a somewhat ‘normal’ life. I’ll write more specifically about this soon.  But for now…

Anyone who knows me has probably seen how frequently I post stuff on Facebook. It’s an easy outlet for my inner urge to write, express, and inspire, which I don’t always nourish in other, healthier ways. My followers on my personal Facebook page may have noticed that the tone of my posts have changed recently.

You see, here in Australia we have just ‘elected’ a new Prime Minister, who- frankly- is a bit of a backwards douche (-and I say ‘elected’ dubiously because noone I know actually voted for him or his party, so we are all pretty much scratching our heads and wondering how this could have happened).

Now, I normally have zero interest or care factor when it comes to politics or world events, because I’ve always seen the world a bit differently from the so-called masses, and I am also mostly of the opinion that all politicians are as bad as each other as they are part of the same inherently flawed system. But I digress…

Recently, many of you may have noticed, that my inner “Indigo Child” warrior energy has been shining brighter than usual. For a short while there I went on a bit of a tirade, sharing my often-times-swear-filled rants, linking to political articles and various info-graphics, and generally getting really passionate about stuff.

Now, being passionate and sharing information isn’t necessarily a bad thing, BUT after a while I started noticing things changing in my life.

I found myself getting caught up with feelings of anger, frustration, and oftentimes helplessness about these issues that I was ranting about, thus allowing them to affect my energy at a deeper level.

Every time I read another news article or saw an info graphic highlighting important issues which were being ignored by the mainstream media, or I felt were being managed badly by the various political parties, I felt angry, and exacerbated that ‘people could really act like this’. Sometimes I even felt downright depressed about the seemingly negative state of it all and my seeming inability to affect positive change in the world (or so I thought!). And so my moods and energy began to plummet, and with it- my life.

I started noticing strange stuff happening in my life- runs of seemingly random bad luck, which up until now I have thankfully usually been pretty immune from. But in the space of about a month, from the time that I noticed my energy start to shift downwards, I:

  • Accidentally dropped and smashed my very expensive brand new phone, despite being in a protective case (it just happened to hit the concrete RIGHT at the only weak spot (Ive never done anything like this before)
  • Lost my GoCard (an electronic smart card with public transport credits)
  • Had a period of unbelievable bad luck with public transport and missing buses!
  • Became inexplicably ill (moreso than usual)
  • Ran out of money and had to borrow so that I could eat
  • Started feeling lonely and disconnected from my friends, which made me feel even more miserable
  • Lost an important part of my fashion design assessment after it was tampered with and then stolen from our classroom (having things stolen from me is a very new concept, which thankfully I’ve never had to endure before!)

After being forced to take some time out, and upon further inner reflection, I realised that this cloud of very out of the ordinary bad luck and negative events only began occurring to me after I began getting so caught up in political ranting and fear-based world news.

Being informed is one thing, but the mainstream media are notorious for focusing more on the fearful stories, even going so far as to focus on a particular biased opinion or angle in order to make things seem more “shocking” I guess they think this sells more newspapers and advertising space (which presently it does- until enough people become awakened enough to no longer buy into the lies).

The problem with this informational approach though, is that it’s designed to enslave us in fear, to make us feel angry, trapped, and forget that we each have the individual power and ingrained natural ability to change the world right now, through our thoughts and energies that we are always transmitting- whether we notice them or not. All this fear -based stuff is a Lie which is designed to distract us.

The truth is, we each have within us the ability to focus and raise the energy vibrations and consciousness of our world, beginning first with ourselves, which will then affect others. This has been scientifically proven in a number of important studies on meditation, intention, and in the fields of quantum physics for example. (I also recommend checking out research done by ‘The Institute of Heart Math’ when you feel guided to).

Luckily, in this instance, I remembered some of the past training I have done in the Hermetic principles of energy transmutation and space clearing, among others. And I began to take responsibility and action in clearing and raising the energy frequencies in my own life. And I started seeing and feeling positive results almost immediately.

It never ceases to amaze me how many wonderful, life-changing tools that we have at our disposal everyday if we only remember to look within, and to practice them consciously on a regular basis.

I have studied The Law of Attraction and various metaphysical principles of energy vibration in the past, but recently experiencing this seemingly negative downturn of events, and then, thankfully- putting 2 and 2 together, was a very powerful reminder for me to be mindful of what I focus my energy on. Because the energy we put out into the world is the equivalent of the energy of the things, people, events and experiences that we attract into our lives in return.

Apologies for being a bit vague about what these practices actually are, as that would take too long to explain right now, and I didn’t want to procrastinate writing this blog post any longer. Perhaps I will share them with you one day (in fact I almost certainly will).

But here are some powerful resources to get you started if you wish to learn more about these important and practical life principles and universal laws…

  • ‘Your Wish is Your Command’ by Kevin Trudeau
  • ‘The Secret’ (but watch the original (better) documentary version featuring Ether Hicks before it was edited out!)
  • ‘Divine Magick’ by Doreen Virtue
  • ‘Ask & It Is Given’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks (and the teachings of Abraham)
  • ‘The Kybalion’ (by Anonymous- but attributed to ‘The Three Initiates’)
  • ‘Secrets of Attraction’ by Sandra Anne Taylor
  • ‘Law of Attraction’ by Michael J, Losier
  • The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden