Hey there Space Cadets!

I just realised it has been a whole year since I’ve written anything here, despite spending many hours in the backend creating a whole new site to tie in with the delayed launch for my little clothing label SpaceFairy Couture.

During this time I’ve: moved interstate (NSW) to do a Costume for Performance course at college, I had my first “real” fashion show, I worked at Opera QLD for a week on their wonderful production of Puccini’s La bohème, I went to hospital a couple of times and had some surgery, I returned to serious Witchcraft studies, realised a tonne of personal things about myself, then I moved interstate again back to Brisbane! Yeah- I think that pretty much sums it up.

So anyway.. I’ve decided to keep this blog format as is for now, at this address www.spacefairy.com/blog, and continue building the new homepage for my clothing business and other interests, at www.spacefairy.com (I’m still a little way off finishing that as I’m using it as a bit of a personal learning challenge so I’ve been building new skills as I go. Also- and this is the more likely reason- I procrastinate really badly!)

One of the things I’ve discovered about myself during last year’s journey, is that for some reason I hold a lot of anxiety over doing things “the right way” and doing things to the best of my ability, or not at all. This was somehow instilled in me during my childhood, and it’s taken a year of me living with family members to realise where this perhaps comes from maybe just a little bit? (that was a rhetorical question mark).

I’m not entirely blaming my past for contributing to many of the inner struggles I have today, although it is refreshing to realise that this is possibly where many of my own inner challenges come from.

Resuming my formal studies of Witchcraft has led me to contemplate more deeply and to journal excessively! It’s actually a lot of hard work, and I am slowly building up new disciplines and long-forgotton skills. It’s the ultimate course in personal development for me! And although I’ve been on that path on and off my entire life, it’s something that I keep coming back to as it’s deeply ingrained in who I “really” am. And throughout everything I’ve been through and all of life’s challenges, it’s the only thing that still makes perfect sense to me 😉