Welcome to MoonChild Mondays… every week I’ll aim to (very lightly!) touch on an inspiring topic of mystical or magickal interest. (Because that is what I’m into 😉 )

I always feel inspired during my personal mystical studies and spiritual reflections, and I have long had an intuitive longing to share what I discover with the world as part of my service of spreading love and helping to ‘raise the vibe’ of the planet.

I hope that what I share here may inspire you to delve within to discover some of the hidden resources deep within your own soul, and to help you to unlock your true potential as a human being… or whatever species you may be 😉 (…and that’s the goal of life yeah?)

Don’t worry if you’re not into this stuff. Many people aren’t and that’s ok too. We can still be friends 😉 I’ll be writing about other things here too- like costume design, sci-fi, big ideas, and some of my strange adventures (-of which there are so many I rarely get time to actually write or talk about them all!) I am a multidimensional girl with many varied interests… Living on Earth is awesome- there is always so much to explore, and much to share!

Anyway… speaking of Mondays, did you know that the name ‘Monday’ is derived from Old English Mōnandæg and Middle English Monenday, which means “moon day”? Astounding!  (Also- how wild is Old English? Think of how the English language might change in a few more hundred years… I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before online acronyms such as LOL get added to the dictionary… *mind blown*)

As a Pagan, Mondays- along with its association with the Moon- hold extra significance for many followers of the old paths (including myself). In magickal symbolism, Monday is also an ideal day to celebrate the Goddess aspect of life (-you know all things possess both masculine and feminine energies yeah?). As such, it’s the perfect day for one of my favourite activities- the Divine Goddess Bath!…

Goddess Bath

This is one of my life indulgences… it basically involves soaking for ages in a warm candle-lit bath in which sea-salt and essential oils have been added. It’s absolute bliss! Sometimes I also sneak chocolates or chamomile or jasmine & strawberry tea in there too (to eat & drink, not to bathe in…although that might be fun to try too! 😉 )

What does one do in a Goddess Bath you ask? (anything one wishes!!) I personally like to meditate by candlelight, and sometimes read, but mosty I just relax, enjoy the warmth, and ponder 😉 I find it’s one of the most pleasurable ways to recharge!

A note on sea-salt… 100% natural, non-iodised is preferred. Celtic Sea Salts or Salts from the Dead Sea are particularly wonderful! They are not only great for your skin, but they are aura-cleansing too. Empaths and those of us who are extra-sensitive to energies can particularly benefit from soaking in natural sea salt (Ever wonder why you feel awesomer at the beach or beside the sea? Salt water gives us much more than just a physical cleanse!)

P.s. I usually have a very quick shower beforehand to physically cleanse myself, so I can focus on more ‘deeper’ cleansing afterwards in the bath. I love being in water! It’s the Mer-Fairy and Piscean part of me coming out to play 😉

I hope this inspires you… ~*enjoy your Goddess Baths lovelies!~*