I have to write about Dr. Wayne Dyer, who is one of my favourite spiritual teachers & authors of all time. His books and teachings have had a deeply profound impact on my life and I honestly wouldn’t be alive & happy today if it wasn’t for his inspirational life’s work. It got me through some really dark times. I read “Real Magic” and listened to the associated audiobook daily. “[amazon_textlink asin=’0060928921′ text=’Manifest Your Destiny’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’spacefairy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’42c06722-6ba9-11e7-aa69-e796bf8744d0′]” became my self-professed bible- and after successive re-reads it got to the point where I had hi lighted nearly every paragraph in the book!

R.I.P. Dr. Wayne DyerI was very saddened and shocked to learn of Dr. Dyer’s recent passing. But in celebration of his inspiring life’s work, I am currently re-reading a heap of his books and revisiting his teachings just to remind myself of a few things 😉

I first discovered Dr. Wayne Dyer’s work as a teenager in the 90’s, while I was in the midst of dealing with a horrid chronic medical condition which left me bed-ridden and severely isolated (-also very depressed!) due to having to do most of my high school education via correspondence/ Distance Education (during the brief moments I was well enough to function!). In the days before internet no less. Yep, it sucked. And that was an understatement! Some days I was so unwell that I literally couldn’t hold my arms up to read a book in bed for longer than 10 minutes at a time. I could barely do anything. I was trapped in a broken body and some days all I could physically do was sleep or stare at the ceiling while getting lost in my imagination.

The only thing that kept me from just offing myself was a firm belief that someday- somehow- things would get better. Wayne Dyer’s work reminded me that I was here on this earth now for a special reason, and that nothing was an accident. Furthermore, his work helped me to realise that I am so much more than my body. My present physical condition- and indeed everything in my life- is not who I really am. Who I really am- at my Source- is pure energy and an eternal expression of Divine Love. My body temporary houses my soul- which is eternal and connected to the Divine Life Force (or to God, The Force, The Universe, or however you chose to interpret that all pervasive, intelligent natural life force).

[the_ad id=”54353″] My dad actually introduced me to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s work, giving me several of his books to read -with notes highlighted- and drilling me on what he had learnt and how he thought it might apply to me or help me in my situation. I guess, in the apparent helplessness of my parents to be able to help me he was open-minded enough to explore other alternative and spiritual avenues (mainstream medical practitioners and the seemingly hundreds of various specialists my parents took me to see were clearly no help. Some doctors didn’t even believe my condition was real because so little was known about it back then).

Over time, thanks largely to the works of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay (“[amazon_textlink asin=’0937611018′ text=’You Can Heal Your Life’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’spacefairy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a1034305-6ba9-11e7-be10-7dfa75e54d38′]” became another favourite of mine) and Dr. Deepak Chopra, my mindset began to shift. Subtly at first, but then it radically changed and my physical health slowly improved as a result. I learned to “rise above” my disability and life challenges, knowing that I was here in this present physical form for a reason, and how miraculous that actually was. It helped me to hang onto life and have courage during my darkest days, because I had faith that someday my purpose for being here would be revealed to me, and my life would be glorious and full of wonders and joy (as indeed it is now!)

So now you know a bit about my background, I’ll try to stop being so damn vague and actually share some of the specific things I have learned over the years from one of the most influential teachers in my life. Whether you believe it or not that’s cool. I’m gonna share it anyway, sporadically over the coming months, just in case it inspires at least one person for reading it. (Also- it’s a good and much-needed refresher for me!) Lesson One is: “When the student is ready, the Teacher will appear”…

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