Life is precious About this time in 2010 I couldn’t breathe & was rushed to hospital with a very nasty respiratory infection (which turned out to be a bad strain of Influenza/Swine Flu). Not breathing was pretty scary- I remember some of the stuff that went through my mind when I thought “OMG this is it I’m actually dying” it was quite… Interesting.

As soon as I recovered I changed my life drastically. I moved house, ditched the idiot ex-boyfriend who had contributed to me getting so sick from the stress of his bullshit; I re-examined my spiritual life (actually, I ran away to join the Mormons for a couple of years- but that’s a story for another time!) and I finally got the courage to go to Fashion School so I could fulfil my life’s dream of becoming a designer. Talk about changing your life radically overnight!

It’s never too late to change direction if you feel like you’re on the wrong path in life. SpaceFairy Says~Don’t wait until you’re nearly dead to advance in the direction of your dreams 💫🌈😇🌟

Here is the blog post I wrote in 2010 about my experience during this particular brush with mortality(or perhaps I should say immortality?) When I Nearly Died.