Hey- it’s late at night, I’ve had a few drinks, time to write some shit in my blog while I have the courage!

This has been a significant year for me (and the world too- LOL) for various reasons. But it’s a significant milestone for me because I fulfilled one of my life’s dreams- of creating an amazing kawaii clothing line! (with the help of some very helpful mentors at Creative Enterprise Australia).

Also- it’s December already! (How did that happen?)

I’m back, after a bad case of creator’s block over the past few months, in which I mainly sat around unemployed, stressing about debt and avoiding life (except for the occasional times I actually managed to get out with my friends and feel normal for a while).

I also experienced debt for the very first time in my life (Sadly unavoidable in order to do anything significant it seems) and I realised I got way too excited and failed at the managing a credit card thing. I have lived 35 years without one and only succumbed to getting my first one last year. Wow- what have I done?! *gasping face emoticon which is on my phone but I don’t know how to make it appear on my blog yet* :O

So it turns out that creating a clothing line & all the stuff that goes along with it is waayy more expensive than I ever dreamed. But NO REGRETS because I fulfilled a life’s dream- something which very few people even dare to attempt- and I have had an amazing real-world education into the fashion industry which no-one can teach you at school- you’ve just got to DO IT. So I did! Some of Australia’s top fashion industry leaders watched my debut show and each gave me personalised feedback on my collection and business plan- including the editor of freaking VOGUE MAGAZINE which is just insane! *imagine another gasping face emoticon here* -like seriously, how did that even happen?!

So yeah after that highpoint I pretty much crashed for a few months. At first I thought I was just exhausted and needed to catch up on sleep but then it turned into a weird sort of depression. I had this amazing emotional high, and then suddenly nothing -I faced this scary kinda void, like I was suddenly on my own again. Now what?!

During this time aaaallll my inner demons seemed to rise to the surface, and suddenly I found myself facing every excuse and fear that had ever held be back from accomplishing anything in my life- all suddenly piling up on me, smacking me in the head, telling me I couldn’t ‘really’ do it, it was a fluke, I don’t deserve it, I can’t do it again, I’m a failure with a credit card… yadayadayada you get the picture.

Also, I can’t presently afford to get my first collection graded into different sizes and produced yet. But I did an amazing photoshoot! With a photographer and real models! It was so excellent 😀

So the plan now for my little SpaceFairy collection is, to A) Get over myself, and the anxiety and fear which have been plaguing me B) Find a part-time job to help pay off my current debts C) Probably organise some sort of pre-sales thing, maybe through Pozible or Kickstarter. Then start designing  my next collection 😀

It will take me a while to gather together all my tales and photos from this time, but I’ll try to share with you all eventually, for those who are interested (and if you’re not, tough- PREPARE FOR MY STORIES haha). But for now, here’s a sneak peek from my first ever photoshoot, featuring the two most beautifulest pink-haired models ever- Amanda and Marie!

I’ll write more soon (now I know that vodka helps me blog!)

Spacefairy Couture

My first SpaceFairies!