I really like books- a lot. I have many (-as anyone who has helped me move house multiple times in the last few years can attest to). I don’t always read them as much as I intend to, but at least I collect them and they sit on my bookshelf looking pretty! (One of these days I’ll learn to speed-read so I can get through them all).

A while ago I discovered ‘Library Thing’ which is a website and app that helps you to catalogue all your books. The handy phone app has a built in barcode scanner which matches it online and adds the book and its cover to any number of collections which you can specify (Depending on how many interests you have I guess) It’s pretty rad!

I’ve catalogued probably about 95% of my book collection now (not including all the torrented ones, or the books I left behind in Brisbane when I moved interstate, or the books I’ve lent out and were never returned- Ggrr).

So far I have 460 books in my collection (-told you I like ‘em!) across a very diverse range of subjects including: history, philosophy, magick, spirituality, health, fashion design, witchcraft, psychic development, U.F.O.’s, journalism, philosophy, permaculture gardening, pop culture, sewing, pattern-making, Kawaii & Harajuku culture in Japan, knitting, and various arts & crafts!

Check out my complete profile on ‘Library Thing’ here and be my friend! (or not). And here is a wordpress plugin widget thingy which lets me share a small portion of my very random and wonderful book collection here… enjoy!