Well this has been an interesting year so far, hasn’t it?!
That first semester of my 2nd uni degree nearly killed me… I had a bit of a mental health breakdown toward the end of it (the combined sudden shock of moving states, extreme debt & financial stress, not having any time off to make new friends or have a social life, while suddenly being thrust into a full-time insanely hectic fashion degree course after 6 months of sitting at home doing nothing) Yes there was a trip to the emergency room. Yes I am doing much, much better now thank you 🙂

  • Here’s what I’ve been up to these past few months, in a nutshell I’ve:
  • Quit uni/put it on hold until next year
  • Taken up poledancing
  • Met a bunch of really awesome new friends
  • Started gardening
  • Become serious about practicing Kundalini Yoga everyday (it’s helped me sooo much! The changes I feel in myself after each session is astounding)
  • Finished my first ‘Colour Run’
  • Learned to design a dress in virtual reality, while wearing a VR headset
  • Dined & danced with some of Australia’s top Psychics at the International Psychic Association’s annual Awards dinner
  • Made my first wedding dress
  • Was a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding (it was her dress I made)
  • Have been getting out of my own head & focusing more on my physical self for a change- thanks to pole fitness & dancing I’m becoming physically stronger than I’ve ever been
  • I’ve even started hiking again
  • I recently began my “Ancient Aliens World Tour”- which is my long-term goal of visiting the places shown on the TV show ‘Ancient Aliens’, starting in my home state in Australia (because I have no money to go adventuring overseas yet!) A friend & I hiked out to the Gosford Glyphs, which are hidden, supposedly ancient Egyptian(?) Hieroglyphs in the middle of the bush a couple of hours from Sydney. As well as hieroglyphs which apparently tell the story of the Egyptian priest who was supposedly shipwrecked and entombed there, there are also glyphs resembling U.F.O.’s. Big debate on whether they’re real or not of course, but it was a really fun adventure nevertheless! I’ll write about it and share some photos soon…

It’s these fun, seemingly random, interesting adventures that make my life worth living! I’ve never been able to conform to anyone else’s standards or rigid ideas of what I should be doing with my life every day of the week, or living it according to someone else’s timeframe. So I stopped, and I went back to just being “me”. I am much happier now 🙂