Melinda J. Maxfield

Hai SpaceFairy Cadets! My name is Melinda J. Maxfield- lover of Costume and Kawaii street fashions, a Writer, Magickal Girl, and designer for alt. fashion label SpaceFairy Couture.

I’m also a lover of kittens, outer space, and sparkly things.

My childhood dream was to be the first fashion designer in outer space.

I’m an epic daydreamer, and I love thinking about & exploring the mysteries of the universe!

Melinda J. Maxfield ~Star Trek Girl~

Possible Influences:

  • Japanese Magickal Girl Anime
  • Tank Girl
  • Rainbow Brite
  • Star Trek
  • Magick & Eclectic Paganism
  • Amateur Astronomy
  • Quantum Physics
  • Metaphysics
  • Playing dress-ups as a kid
  • An unexplained childhood phobia of extra-terrestrials
  • An extremely overactive imagination
  • Playing with the fairies in my garden when I was a child
  • Missed teenage years due to oftentimes being bed-bound with a major chronic illness
  • Growing up in the Blue Mountains National Park