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80’s Nostalgia re-Introduction

So I know I look young for my age *blush* but I started my crazy life growing up in the wonderful era of the 1980’s and 90’s. And it was pretty fun! (Well of course it was fun- I didn’t have to pay any bills or be a responsible ‘adult’…

Guide To Being Silly
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SpaceFairy’s Guide To Having Fun

Dont give a frakk what anybody else thinks of you, yet maintain healthy peaceful respect for others because positive karma feeds fun, and vice versa (raises energy vibration) Dance like no one’s looking DANCE Play dress-ups at least once a week. Ignore what’s in fashion and dress how you feel….

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Ancient Aliens: The Drinking Game!

I love the History Channel series “Ancient Aliens” -Giorgio Tsoukalos (crazy hair guy) rocks, and Erich von Däniken is my man! (“Essstratelestrials”) So I invented this DRINKING GAME! Disclaimer: Please DRINK RESPONSIBLY…maybe only pick 3 points for each episode. lol. Enjoy! 😀 Here are THE RULES: Take a (drink/sip/shot) whenever… The…

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Star Trek Into the Darkness Teaser!

My first Look at the trailer for the  new Star Trek movie! (…In which I overanalyse it like a Trekkie fangirl, then show off my Karl Urban autographs)  I think I just peed myself a little… The first movie trailer for Star Trek: Into the Darkness was recently released online. And…

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Supanova Brisbane 2012: Part 1

 Supanova Pop Culture Convention report Brisbane 2012 …SpaceFairy goes to Supanova! Part 1: Day 1 (Intro to “D-Day” Friday, and B-Grade Movie Maniacs!) B-Movie Maniacs [Actress Laurene Landon, Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson, Australian Director Michael Spierig] Let’s Sing…There’s Zombies Outside! (A Zombie musical I can’t wait to see!) Comic Book MasterClass…

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The Avengers movie trailer – sweded!

A couple of years back, I blogged about the ‘sweded’ Star Wars and X-Men films that my friends and I from Brisbane SciFi & Fantasy club made. It looks like sweded filmmaking is once again a topic of the hour on the interwebs… behold- someone (not us) made a sweded…