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How to dance ‘Thriller’

I recently fulfilled a long-time goal of dancing Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, in public, while dressed as a zombie. Yup. Other people make goals about stuff they want to accomplish in their career, or about owning a boat, or whatever. I am more about rich experiences. Because ultimately; fun, rewarding experiences that…

Ulysses 31
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An Ode to Ulysses 31

“G Great Galaxies!” An epic space odyssey to defy the gods… One of my favourite 80’s cartoons, based on the epic trials of Ulysses, but set in space. Pure awesome! Pro’s: Ancient Greek gods & goddesses -in outer space! One of the coolest 80’s theme songs in the entire history…

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Supanova Update: Too Many Costumes

Well, the famous guests arriving at Supanova this year keep getting better! Now, (and this is just in Brisbane) we’ve got: Hayden Panettiere (the indestructible cheerleader from Heroes) Morena Baccarin (“ambassador” Inara from Firefly(TV) and Serenity(movie)) Richard Hatch (Captain Apollo in the original Battlestar Galactica, and Tom Zarek in…

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Supanova ’09

Well, it’s time to start planning my costume for Supanova ’09! Supanova Pop Culture Expo is the funnest festival to hit Brisbane. Check it out here: . Me & my Brisbane Sci-Fi crew go every year. Each year the costumes get more and more elaborate. It’s one of the…

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Best children’s TV shows of the 80’s! #2

We continue our series of retro-geek-funness, with three more TV shows which SpaceFairy loved when she was a kid in the 80’s. Some are obscure, some are more popular, but all of them ROCKED… enjoy!  MASK M.A.S.K. (an acronym for the Mobile Armored Strike Command) was like a hybrid between…

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Best children’s TV shows of the 80’s! #1

I love YouTube! Tonight I had a flash-back-o-rama to the 80’s when I discovered the opening theme to one of my favourite TV shows, Secret Valley. Does anyone remember it? They always had so much fun on that show (do kids these days still have food fights or does that…