Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs showing various flying craft. Time travel or ancient advanced technology?
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For the love of ‘Ancient Aliens’ (I’m not saying it was aliens…)

One of my favourite television documentaries ‘Ancient Aliens’, is now in its 12th season, and is about to air its 125th episode. Astoundingly- that’s more seasons than ‘Friends‘ (one of the most popular TV shows of all time), and nearly as many episodes. Not bad for a documentary which explores…

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Creatures of The Deep

Less than 5% of Earth’s ocean has been explored. So far we’ve mapped more of the moon’s surface, and at a higher resolution, than we have of our own oceans. So when the occasional horrifying-looking deep sea creature is discovered we probably shouldn’t be too shocked. It’s almost like the one condition of a life-form…

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80’s Nostalgia re-Introduction

So I know I look young for my age *blush* but I started my crazy life growing up in the wonderful era of the 1980’s and 90’s. And it was pretty fun! (Well of course it was fun- I didn’t have to pay any bills or be a responsible ‘adult’…