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Guide To Being Silly
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SpaceFairy’s Guide To Having Fun

Dont give a frakk what anybody else thinks of you, yet maintain healthy peaceful respect for others because positive karma feeds fun, and vice versa (raises energy vibration) Dance like no one’s looking DANCE Play dress-ups at least once a week. Ignore what’s in fashion and dress how you feel….

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I’ve started a video blog

…God help us all! Here is episode#1 in which I discuss my love of books, while (very) lightly touching upon the concept of reality… Disclaimer: THIS IS A PARODY! Before you watch my video (and so you don’t think I’m weirder than I really am :p) please be sure you’ve…

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Random theory of the day

Todays random theory of the day is about brainwashing. Years back when my family started in network marketing, they’d listen to personal development, leadership, and motivational tapes almost constantly. There was usually one playing in the background, while cooking dinner; during car trips; cleaning the house. Other people said it…

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Attack of the Twitter updates!

My poor little SpaceFairy blog has been neglected lately. I’m sorry. For although this blog is prettier, Facebook is still funner 😉 Part of the allure of Facebook is that everyone’s already connected, so they don’t have to go out of their way to stalk you. All they need to…