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I’ve started a video blog

…God help us all! Here is episode#1 in which I discuss my love of books, while (very) lightly touching upon the concept of reality… Disclaimer: THIS IS A PARODY! Before you watch my video (and so you don’t think I’m weirder than I really am :p) please be sure you’ve…

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Invoking Kali

I walked out of my job today, because I felt sick. (I’ve also been feeling very stressed of late). I came home and did some Japa meditation, or “Getting in the Gap” as Dr. Wayne Dyer would call it. I meditated on some of the different names of the Goddess,…

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Fear of Success & Lightworker Syndrome

I recently found a name for the condition which has plagued me all of my life… (From Steve Pavlina.com) “One obstacle that traps a lot of highly conscious people is what Erin and I call Lightworker Syndrome.  This is what happens when someone wakes up to a higher level of…